2019 Workshop video available!

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Click here to buy it on Gumroad.


This year, in 2019, I presented a 2 and a half hour music workshop in Washington, all about teaching Primary Music. 

We did multiple examples of Sharing Time, using different teaching styles, learning styles, and activities to learn each song. We also talked about the principles and the ideas behind what we do as teachers, how children’s brains work, and how to best help them learn and feel the Spirit. 

After you buy on Gumroad you have access to the digital recording. You can stream it from the site, or you can download it to your computer.

Even if you lose the file you can always download it again or watch it online. 

You can also burn your own hard copy to DVD for personal use.

Here is the link to purchase it on Gumroad. – https://gumroad.com/l/PrimaryMusicWorkshop2019

The 2nd workshop is still being edited by my son. He is very busy working at a tech startup and these videos takes hours and hours to edit. But he says it will be available soon. If you want both workshops, I will make a coupon code to get the second for cheaper.

Thank you!

  1. Jamie Schoonmaker

    Thank so much. I’m a
    Little bit of a slow learn with teach out side my learning style but with your recording I watch them over and over it I get .

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