Songs for 2021

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Remember, if you are teaching 3 or 4 songs a month, line upon line, each activity only lasting 4 to 5 minutes, teaching all these songs will be doable.

In addition, remember that you will need CONTRAST as you teach songs. If none of the songs for the month have a strong beat, add one that does. The flow of your singing time will go better, the children will stay more attentive, and their energy level will be better because you have given them a difference between the style and character of the songs you are teaching!

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  1. Carrie

    Hello! Do you plan on teaching all these songs or will you be sharing your list of the the monthly songs you chose for this year?

    • Sharla Dance

      Hi Carrie,
      These are the songs I will be teaching each month. I will three songs every week. I will do a different activity for each week for each song. The children love the variety, and they learn the songs well. Thanks for asking. P.S. Of course, if my Primary Presidency asks for a special song, I will add that in.

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